Silver Drop Necklace


Silver necklace with a drop shape pendant – Anniversary gift
Stylish dainty necklace, simple and beautiful.

Chain made of silver flexible cable
Pendant made of a Silver with an Electroforming Technique.

​​​​Electroforming ​is a base covered with precious metals ​like silver or gold. The base ​is usually made of ​industrial ​wax​.

​The wax receives a coating of copper that serves as a conductor for the sterling silver and enables the coating process. Above the copper layer, a 100-micron sterling silver coating is formed. At the end of the process, I make a small hole in the metal​ and once the ​​Electroforming ​process​ is finished; the piece is heated, and the ​wax served as support melts so that the piece is hollow inside. ​(all the weight of the piece is made of precious metal, in this case, sterling silver over brass, and due to the creation of a 100-micron sterling silver plating, the jewel is approved for marking with a 925 stamp​).​

Extremely ​lightweight and therefore very comfortable to wear.

Size of pendant: 1.61" /1.06"
Length: 16.5"


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