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The pursuit of beauty ♥

My name is Batya, and I’m a jewelry artist. Out of my love for diversity and beauty, I create jewelry from a variety of raw materials, without sticking to any particular style.

I have engaged in art all my life: music, singing, drawing, dancing; all these have outlined the years of my life, and providing me with layers of depth as a jewelry artist over the past decade. What drives me is my desire to create and discover, search into my materials and explore, all in line with a deep aesthetic outlook.

I am a former pianist and classical singer and was a teacher of the performing arts for 30 years. However, 13 years ago, I chose to practice other art forms.
I began to study silversmithing at a jewelry college in Ra’anana, Israel.
On graduating, I specialized with expert artists, where I focused on the various techniques for inlaying gemstones. Each of us is a master in his field. I pursue carving, drawing, and sculpture, and feel a powerful connection to nature and cosmic energies.

I am a chemist of jewelry
Among my designs, you can find precious metals, diamonds, and precious stones.
In addition, I create with crystals, glass, wood, leather, fabric, stones, plexiglass, coins, and so much more. Each piece of jewelry is a work of art for me.
During the production process, my attention oscillates between the movement, structure, and color.

I hope you'll find what you dreamed of in my store.
With LOVE,

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